DC Metropolitan Portraits with Erica

Have you ever met someone who just sets off a spark in you? Who you cannot help but be motivated by?

When I first met Erica she gave me a bit of insight into what her future career goals were and her passion was contagious. This girl is determined and is steadfast behind the great cause of prison reform. We spoke briefly about what changes should be made to better treat our prisoners as humans instead of defunct/incurable members of society. I think Erica explains the problem best when she says, "The world needs more people asking, 'What has happened to you?', instead of 'What the hell is wrong with you?'” 

For our photo session we met up in our Nation's capitol (where better to represent change?) and spent our time just walking around. I know I have said this a lot, and I will keep saying it I'm sure, but I LOVE DC. It's absolutely gorgeous and I feel that every time I shoot there I see it in a different light.


L: Erica, could you tell me a little bit about your overall experience and what your future goals are when it comes to this new career path?

E: For the past 10 years I’ve cumulated experience in the communication arena on many fronts; the private sector, public space, non-profit arena, healthcare administration, media world, etc.

I’ve worked on projects ranging from internal communication audits for multi-faceted companies, transformation of company culture and morale, rebranding overhauls, facilitation of company focus groups, creation of company communication collateral, building public relations strategies, production coordination for a television network, and editorial direction for a publishing company. However, it’s time for me to shift my efforts and use my passion for storytelling, talent of interacting with varying audiences, and heartbeat for sharing important messages that might otherwise go untold about important issues. With that said, I’m transitioning into the role of a restorative justice advocate/storyteller who helps create opportunities for human potential, guides people to activate hope in their lives, and generates possibilities to humanize people. THINK: Restorative Justice, Trauma Informed Care, etc.

Whoa, can you say #bosslady?


L: What will your next year look like?

E: In 2017 I’ll be collaborating/working for nationally recognized leaders, movements, and organizations that truly help maximize human potential through their efforts to shift mindsets, change laws, and evoke important reform. People who are addressing real challenges that limit people from fully being their best selves. Challenges that are necessary for us to address as a society. Issues that are compelling problems for ALL types of people. Problems that are worthy of our attention.

L: Do you have any suggestions on where someone could find more information about what it is you're going to be doing and how they too could possibly help?

E: Of course! Below are some of those leaders, movements, and organizations: 

http://letsfreeamerica.com (I don’t think we are being the very best steward of tax payer’s dollars when it comes to incarceration in our county and our prison systems. I think we have a real compelling problem. We simply don’t have the infrastructure to continue operating the “system”, “services”, etc. the way they’re structured.)

http://www.samhsa.gov/nctic (The world needs more people asking, “What has happened to you?”, instead of “What the hell is wrong with you?”)


I am able to relate with being passionate about wanting to affect change and I love having the opportunity to meet/work with strong individuals like Erica! It's almost like a drug to me to be around them! I part feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. Perhaps there is something you have been wanting to tackle, yet haven't found the motivation quite yet? Take a little note from Erica and get on it! (I had to take a little note from her and get on posting this blog haha).


View Erica's full session here!