Downtown Richmond Engagement with Joyce & Preston


Hooray! It's time to tell Preston & Joyce's story. They're going to be the kickoff couple's interview. I have known these two their whole relationship (and years before it individually). I may have even played a little part in making the magic happen, but I will let them tell you about it :)

This is Preston, Joyce and their pooch Piper. Preston & Joyce just bought the most beautiful home in Richmond after relocating there for work. Matt and I went down to stay the weekend with them and we snuck in some time for some portraits. I was so excited to work with some of the amazing locations Richmond has to offer. We hit up a bunch of them.  


Our first stop was their new home's backyard with some Pinterest inspired pup pics. Afterward we headed to the Pipeline in downtown Richmond! <3 Yasss. So much pretty.


How did you guys meet?

Joyce: Our personal match maker, Lindsey Paradiso! She swiped right for me ;)

Lindsey: I remember this! You're actually the third couple to get engaged or married because of my interference. Maybe if photography doesn't work out I have a career in matchmaking? haha


How long have you two been together? 

A solid 3 years

When did you first realize you wanted to marry each other?

Preston: Apparently I dropped the L-Bomb and told her I wanted to marry her after 3 months of dating. 

Joyce: True Love brought to you by.. Sharkey's Tequila shots! We have matching birth marks - same place, size, shape, and color. I tell Preston that's how I know we're soul mates.


How did he propose?

Joyce: We were on a horse and carriage tour while in Savannah. The driver stopped and said the horse was limping and he needed to check on him. He pointed to the fountain and gave us a quarter to make a wish. Of course I jumped out of the carriage and started petting the horse, attempting to console it, hahah. Preston insisted we needed to go to the fountain, but I wasn't having it... the horse needed me.

When he finally yanked me off the horse, we walked over to the fountain, made a wish and threw our quarter in. The choir was practicing in the church across the street so I started to walk towards it. Preston stuttered a "h-hey boog..?" I turned around and saw him on his knee with the ring out.. I remember responding "No, no, no no no.. Wait, what?! seriously?" Which put the face of horror on Prestons face hahah. I yanked him up, kissed him on the lips, and said "YES!!!"

Then I cried really, really hard and face timed my parents.

Lindsey: You would be totally oblivious hahaha, I love it.

What is something that is unique to you two as a couple? A fun ritual or quirk you guys share?

Preston: we have a Piper. That's unique right? 

Lindsey: a Piper is definitely unique!


Where will you be spending your honeymoon?

Joyce: Thailand!!! (Hopefully)

Lindsey: Oh I certainly hope so too! That would be amazing!


What is a wedding planning tip or fact that you would like to share or wish you knew before jumping into planning?

The couple: I know this is cliché.. But.. Do what YOU two want to do. Seriously. You will not like anything about the planning process if you try to please everyone.

Lindsey: This is the greatest tip! I fully echo this. Have fun with it and remember it's about the two of you, not anyone else <3

See their full session here.