Romantic Couples Portraits at the Cliffs of Moher // Clare, Ireland // Justin + Zoë


In the beginning of November I joined my friends Brandi & Kamra (both photographers) in traveling to Ireland. We set up a shoot at the Cliffs of Moher and it was BREATHTAKING. I mean some seriously awe-inspiring beauty. No wonder it's the backdrop for so many amazing movies


Some things that you may not know about the Cliffs of Moher; first of all, it's a death trap to get there. Not only are the roads incredibly narrow, but you have buses passing you as you wind up and down the hills of the Ireland coast. Once you get to the cliffs there is a parking lot and a welcome center ... parking is pretty expensive as they charge per person. The cliff views that they have are also enclosed by a barrier. If you drive down about 5 kms you will see a place to turn in on the right. Parking is only charged per car and they have some GREAT unrestricted views. Make sure to be careful though as the cliffs are constantly eroding and parts of them can just fall off. I saw that photo after we got back and my stomach may have dropped a bit. 


After seeing that The Princess Bride was filmed here I got really excited when Zoe showed up wearing a red dress. It gave me all of the feels of Wesley and Buttercup. Can't wait to go back and revisit this beautiful spot with a little more time to explore around!