Tara & Josiah's Moody Engagements at Great Falls Park, Virginia

beautiful photo of Great Falls Park, VA landscape

Tara & Josiah have this very sweet disposition about them and I really enjoyed watching how they interacted. We met at Great Falls Park in Virginia this last weekend. I have always wanted to go there and I am so glad Tara suggested it. Tara showed up wearing this beautiful red dress. The color wound up just absolutely popping in these photos and I am in LOVE. Speaking of, clothing can seriously make a difference in the way your photos turn out. Don't ever hesitate to ask your photographer for any advice when it comes to dressing for your session! Quick tips: make sure to choose your outfits ahead of time so you're not scrambling to figure something out last minute; layers work really well for switching up your look quickly and easily; the more comfortable you feel in your outfit, the more comfortable you will look on camera; mismatched patterns are cool. Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day - enjoy the pics and reading about Tara & Josiah :) 


intimate black and white engagement photo at Great Falls Park in Virginia

How did you two meet?

Tara: We were neighbors; I used to refer to him as "hot cop" to my coworkers. I knew he lived in my building, I just didn't realize he was right across the hall!

Josiah: We officially met when Tara came home from a night out and dropped her keys. I introduced myself and she asked if we could "do this another time", so I reintroduced myself the next afternoon and we've been together almost two years since. 
romantic engagement detail photograph from great falls park Virginia engagement session

When did you realize you had met "the one"?

Tara: I have no idea, I just did. 
Josiah: Ditto.
engagement portrait using a prism for reflection creating a unique composition

How did he propose?

Tara: He proposed at my 30th birthday party in front of all of my friends, he even helped my Dad and brother plan a surprise visit from Michigan to be there for it!
Josiah: It was in front of all of her friends, she was so surprised that she knocked the ring out of my hand. 
dramatic portrait from an engagement session in great falls park va

What is your vision for your wedding?

Tara: I am picturing very intimate and romantic. It will be at The Grand Hotel, a historic icon in Michigan. I have wanted to go there since I was a little girl.
Josiah: When it's all said and done, I get her, I'm not really picky on any other details. 
rectangular cut diamond engagement ring nestled in a tree

If you could give newly engaged couples a piece of advice about the wedding planning process what would it be?

Tara: Rule #1, make sure you really love your photographer. I am a huge photo nerd and photos mean the world to me. Rule #2 be sure that however you do it, it's always what you both want. You cannot please or plan for everyone.
Josiah: Elope.
engagement portrait from great falls park Virginia using a prism for reflection

What is something unique to the two of you?

Tara: Josiah cooks a lot, and packs mine and my son's lunches. Like, everyday. I also can't watch 'Grey's Anatomy' without him. He won't let me ;)
Josiah: I do Tara's ponytails for her. 
Beautiful engagement portrait in the sky from Virginia

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