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Mande & Trevor's Sweet Southern Wedding - The Barn at Back Creek in Buchanan, VA

Amanda 'Mande' & Trevor got married at The Barn at Back Creek (Buchanan, VA) on September 17th, 2016. The whole day greatly emphasized the importance of family and how love truly blends two families into one. One of the most special moments to me during the day wasn't just when Trevor and Mande said their vows to one another, but when Trevor said his vows to Mande's son, Ashton; and presented him with his own ring. Later, Ashton gave a speech and vocalized how happy he was to have Trevor as part of his life (I cried - not surprising for people who know me).

A lot of times at weddings we let the day become overtaken by little details; the music, the dancing, the beautiful flowers and decor. Yes, these are all very important aspects of a wedding - but as a guest don't let them overshadow how incredibly beautiful the small moments are. Look for the way that the bride and groom glance at one another when no one is watching or watch the old couple dancing cheek-to-cheek. As a photographer these are the moments I am always looking for and weddings have become a whole new meaningful experience for me. 

I hope you enjoy the pics! x

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