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My Last Night With My Daughter

After meeting with the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor in Roanoke on Tuesday, our fears for Omara were once again realized and we scheduled for me to be induced Friday/tomorrow (2.26.16). This week has been incredibly painful, filled with ups and downs. Tonight has been exceptionally difficult though, knowing it is the last time I will go to sleep with the feeling of her kicking inside of me. 

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On Friday (2.19.16) Matt and I arrived at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) at 7 in the morning. I filled out my medical history and we sat in the waiting room, both of us so filled with hope. We were going to see the experts and they were going to make the plan for Omi's birth. Everything in the week leading up to this visit had pointed us toward such a positive feeling and we couldn't wait to have that feeling vindicated. 

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