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My role as YOUR photographer extends beyond simply taking pictures

Every wedding, engagement, or family session is a unique and wonderful celebration. It is my passion to tell these stories of love in a way that is beautiful, artistic, and timeless.

The environment I cultivate is a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere so my clients and their loved ones can truly be present in the moment. I love being able to capture the genuine emotions and connections people experience in photos!


Seattle wedding photographer

Lindsey Paradiso is a highly celebrated, award-winning wedding photographer known for her vibrant, nostalgic, and romantic imagery. 

Lindsey's distinctive style seamlessly combines natural portraiture with candid moments and an editorial touch. Her relaxed approach, coupled with her keen ability to perceive and empathize, are crucial to her unique aesthetic. Lindsey specializes in intimate, outdoor weddings and has a particular affinity for natural light, which inspires much of her work.

"Choosing our photographer was one of the most important decisions for me. I really wanted to feel comfortable and at ease, but also have photos that would capture the beauty and joy of the day. Lindsey did such a great job. She made my husband and I feel like studs during our photo shoot and did an incredible job capturing big moments from the first look to small details that I missed at the ceremony."

"Completely over the moon with how the photos turned out."


"She responds quickly to emails and texts and gives lots of direction when taking photos if needed. She edited our photos quicker than we expected and they turned out beautifully! Her editing style is so pretty, and we were given black and white options with most photos as well. If you’re thinking about booking with Lindsey I would say it’s definitely worth it!"

"Lindsey was great to work with!"


"We knew choosing our photographer was important, and while we initially picked her based off her photography style and the art she created for weddings, what we ended up with was so much more. She wrangled our scatter brained families, she kept everyone on track, and she always looked out for US. She was exactly as direct and forceful as our families required, without ruffling any feathers. She was professional, kind, and an over all rockstar. Lindsey gave it her all, for 10 hours straight, just to make sure we had memories of our special day. The day after our wedding Lindsey's name came up multiple time amongst our family and friends, always followed by the words "awesome" "amazing" "incredible". I never want to plan a wedding again, but if I did my first call would be to Lindsey."

"Lindsey is the best decision we made for our wedding."


"Lindsey is simply the best. We had the pleasure of working with her for our engagement photos, and on our wedding day. We can not say enough amazing things about her creative eye, her ability to make anyone feel comfortable, her professionalism, just being an all around kind and compassionate human being. It was really important to gel with our photographer, someone who would be following us around on one of the most important days of our lives, and she won us over from the first Zoom meet and greet. She went above and beyond, and delivered beautiful, life-long memories. She is the best and we can not sing her praises enough!"

"Lindsey is simply the best. She goes above and beyond!"


"This woman creates magic with her camera in her hands. We got back hundreds of photos, each one beautiful and special to us. I got to see moments I never saw at my wedding and got to relive the best moments of the day. I was so amazed because she got gorgeous photos of my entire family, even my disabled siblings who struggle to have good photos taken of them. In my husband's culture, the guests want lots of photos with the bride and groom, and Lindsey had so much patience to take photos of us with SO many guests. She also got lots of family photos for our guests, and many have spread a tear over how beautiful their families look."

"I got to see moments I never saw at my wedding!"


"Lindsey was absolutely amazing throughout the whole process. She is so down to earth and relaxed while somehow getting an incredible amount of work accomplished. During our engagement session, she made us visibly more relaxed and had us laughing to break us out of our awkward shells. And on the actual wedding day she was just phenomenal. She was so amazing with our families, able to wrangle people and kids here and there and somehow create organization from the chaos. When we received our photos, I was overwhelmed by how many incredible shots she captured.  She got everything from the candids of our friends dancing down to the most amazing little details from the day. If you're looking for a photographer, we 100% recommend Lindsey!"

"I was overwhelmed by how many incredible shots she captured."



"Lindsey was our wedding and engagement shoot photographer and is absolutely amazing! She is super nice, professional, responsive, and talented. Lindsey is such a pleasure to work with and made us feel comfortable and at ease despite us feeling nervous and camera-shy. We love all the photos she took and are so impressed with how she was able to perfectly capture the feeling of our wedding day by photographing so many small candid moments."

"We are so impressed with how she was able to perfectly capture the feeling of our wedding day!"

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