About Seattle Photographer: Lindsey Paradiso

Welcome! I'm a Seattle wedding photographer with a passion for capturing the unique essence of each couple's special day. Since founding my photography business in 2015, I've embraced a vibrant, romantic, and candid style—steering clear of stiff poses to highlight genuine moments and emotions. 

I thrive on building fast connections, a trait that allows me to blend seamlessly into wedding celebrations. I love capturing relaxed and candid moments that truly reflect the uniqueness of each couple's wedding day. When I'm not photographing weddings, I'm likely exploring the outdoors on a hike with my partner and our dog, Lola, diving into a captivating book, or enjoying the latest Netflix series.

If my approach to photography speaks to you and you're drawn to my work, I'd love to connect and hear more about your wedding plans.



Martha Stewart Weddings
Junebug Weddings
Looks Like Film
The Seattle Times
World's Best Wedding Photos
The Knot

West Coast Wedding Awards Winner
Rangefinder Rising 30 Stars Nominee
Speaker at Rooted to Thrive Workshop in Florence, Italy
Voted 10 Best Elopement Photographers by Peerspace
World's Best Wedding Photos Award Winner
The Seattle Times - Best of the PNW Bronze Award Winner

My Favorite Place to be is Outside

Trying to preserve the way that nature makes me feel is a big part of why I choose the shoot locations that I do. Shooting inside can be a great exercise for pushing creativity, but it's outdoors where I feel that I really shine! Playing with the sun, the wind, and other natural elements has led to some of my favorite images.

It's a goal of mine to visit all United State's National Parks. So far I have made it to 14! Yosemite and Zion are currently tied for my top spot. If you're thinking about eloping in a National Park, bring me along :)

Save the National Parks!

In true Leo fashion, I can be pretty competitive, but that also means I am always up to play a board game with you. When I get a CATAN board of my own, it's over for you! In the same vein, if you invite me to karaoke I cannot say "no".

I Love a Good Game Night

If I wasn't a photographer, I would be a chef. I absolutely love to cook and since going plant-based I have really honed my cooking skills! My partner and I have been putting together a cookbook for the last two years. If you'd like access to the note, let me know :) 

Cooking is a Relaxing Creative Outlet

I Have Acrophobia

I am scared of heights, but if I have a camera in my hand it's like I'm invincible. Trying to get the shot will get me climbing up onto boulders and out onto ledges. I've flown in a helicopter a few times and the only way I have made it is with a camera in my hands!

My Goal is to Read 25+ Books this Year!

I always loved reading as a kid, but in the last few years I had lost that habit. This year I have made a goal to read 25 books! I am only 8 books in so I am a little behind. Most of them have been fantasy romance, iykyk :)

Send suggestions my way and follow me on GoodReads!

I Have Been Bitten by the Travel Bug

I've been to 30 different countries and 34 states plus Puerto Rico. After COVID my traveling drastically decreased and I can't wait to dust off my Passport and get back on a plane. Argentina and the Dolomites are on the top of my "what's next?" list.

I'm Barista Certified

My family used to own a coffee shop and I spent a few years as the manager. I can make a really amazing cup of coffee, but I hate caffeine so I won't drink it haha.

Call Me, Maybe?