Engagement Sessions for Couples Who Celebrate Life and Love

By encouraging couples to be themselves and focus on each other rather than traditional poses, I am able to capture candid and authentic moments that truly reflect their unique connections. Engagement sessions are a chance for couples to unwind, have fun, and create beautiful photographs!

Why Should You Get an Engagement Session?

I could go on forever about why you should get photos with your partner (not just engagement portraits) consistently throughout your relationship.

For now though, I'll give you my top three reasons why you should get an engagement session! Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get you as obsessed with documenting your relationship as I am!

3 Reasons to Plan an Engagement Session

I printed one of my wedding photos, just one. My engagement photos though? I ordered almost all of them and peppered our house with photos of us just being happy and relaxed together. Don't get me wrong, I loved my wedding photos, but they didn't feel like the every day of our relationship and that's the stuff I really wanted to show off!

01. You'll actually print them!

Feeling nervous about having professional photos done for the first time on your wedding day? Let's have a practice round. You'll get to see how I operate and get a taste of what it's like to be in front of my camera! Engagement sessions also give you a chance to see what types of photos you really like of yourselves and then I am able to focus on taking more like that on your wedding day!

02. It's a chance to get comfortable with the camera!

What could be more romantic than nuzzling your sweetie during sunset on a mountaintop? The engagement session experience is a chance to remind yourselves what an important time in your life and relationship this is. Getting photos taken together is a lot more fun and romantic than you think it is, I promise!


Best Seattle Engagement Locations

Adventure Sessions

Let's take a road trip or head out on a hike! These sessions are perfect for couples who want to plan activities such as hiking Rattlesnake Ledge, paddle-boarding, boating, trips to Olympic National Park, Goldmyer Hot Springs, etc. This is also great for anyone who wants to hit multiple locations! These sessions are longer and will produce 200+ images.

*Travel fees may apply to locations more than two hours driving distance from my home in Port Orchard.

Inquire for pricing

Engagement Sessions

Pets are ALWAYS welcome. This is the perfect option for couples who want their engagement session in Seattle or the surrounding area!

*Travel fees may apply to locations more than one hour driving distance from my home in Port Orchard.

Half Sessions

This 30-minute session is only available at Manchester State Park, Ilahee State Park, or Banner Forest. These sessions are perfect if you're just looking for a handful of photos (20-30 photos).

Starting at $700